High School Confirmation

Due to the circumstances our society currently finds itself, our 2020 Confirmation Mass has been rescheduled. Please check your email for more details or email Miss Meagan if you have not received the information.

We have notified class participants by email with the dates and times of the rescheduled Masses. Please be sure to have all of your paperwork submitted to [email protected] This includes your sponsor and saint name information along with a letter from your sponsors parish stating that they are a practicing Catholic eligible to be a Sponsor. Please see the attached form for more information


High School Confirmation:

Our High School confirmation class is for students who are searching for their purpose in life and looking to do that with a community of peers. Sessions will be offered on Sundays from 6:00-7:30 pm with one week in person at the parish and the remaining three weeks of the month online meeting. 

Confirmation will begin with a delayed start date in October with monthly in person sessions and weekly online Catechist led small group sessions. Students will attend monthly classes on a rotating schedule so that only 25% of the students are in the building at a given time. Exceptions for students with health concerns for themselves or family members will be accepted. When not in class students will meet online with their same small group led by their small group Catechist.


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Each Candidate for Confirmation must have someone who sponsors their final stage of initiation into the Church. This should be a person who is willing to present the candidate to the Church and affirm that they are ready for Confirmation.  A sponsor should be someone who is a model and exemplifies the Catholic faith to the candidate. The function of a Sponsor is not a social role of honor given to a relative or family friend simply because they are relatives or friends. It is about the child or adult who is going to receive this once-in-a-lifetime sacrament of the Church. Sacramental Sponsorship implies a knowledgeable understanding of the Catholic Faith, and willingness and intention to help the one being sponsored with their religious training by word, deed and example.

A Sponsor has three primary roles:

  1.   To assist the candidate in preparing for Confirmation.
  2.   To present the candidate for Confirmation.
  3.   To help the Confirmed person to live out his or her Christian Faith, fully. 

A Sponsor must have the following qualifications:

Canon Law: 873 and 874 summarized, concerning Baptismal and/or Confirmation Sponsors:

  1. He/She must be knowledgeable of the fundamental truths of the Faith and be a Practicing Catholic** who regularly attends Mass on Sundays and Holy days of Obligation and is free to receive the sacraments according to the Church’s tenants.
  2. The Sponsor must themselves have received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation in the Catholic Church.
  3. He/She may not be the child’s mother or father; or in the case of an adult, the wife or husband of the one to be Baptized or Confirmed.
  4. He/She must be at least 16 years old and have the use of reason.
  5. If he/she has children of their own, they have fulfilled their Catholic parental obligation toward raising them in the Catholic Faith.
  6. He/She must not be bound by any Canonical impediment or penalty legitimately imposed or declared.

** what does it actually mean to be a Practicing Catholic? Fr. Mike breaks it down for us :) 

Saint Names:

During the Catholic sacrament of Confirmation, God the Holy Spirit comes upon the candidate to bestow numerous spiritual gifts and "confirm" the faith given you in Baptism when Original Sin was wiped away. Before Confirmation, the candidate chooses a saint whose name they want to take. This new name, imposed by the bishop during Confirmation, becomes a part of the candidate’s full name. It comes after their first and middle names and before the last name. Here is a step-by-step process you may find helpful in choosing a Saint Name.

  • Find a list of canonized saints in the Roman Catholic Church by reading a book or doing online research. Saints are people who have lived holy lives and are now in heaven as members of the Church Triumphant. Their life stories provide examples for others on how to overcome spiritual obstacles on Earth.
  • Pray to the Holy Spirit, and ask Him for help in finding a saint whose life you'd like to imitate. This saint will be bonded with you spiritually, and in essence becomes your heavenly patron who intercedes for you before God.  Think about the specific virtues those saints exhibited, such as patience, perfection, diligence, humility, mortification, meekness, obedience, prayer, charity or simplicity. Find a virtue that connects with you.
  • Before you are Confirmed, pray to the saint whose name you will be using as your Confirmation name. Ask this saint to intercede for you, to help you make the right moral choices, and overall to be a powerful spiritual guide the rest of your life.


Confirmation Mass Dress Code:

Please remember that this is NOT a graduation ceremony and that it is the final sacrament of initiation into the Catholic faith. As such, please dress appropriately and modestly out of respect for the sacrament and those around you. The dress code that is outlined online is as follows:


  • Dress Pants
  • Dress Shoes – No Flip Flops
  • Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt with Collar
  • Jacket and Tie are optional


  • Dress/Skirt/Dress Pants – NO dress should be shorter than their knees.
  • Dress Shoes or Sandals – NO Flip Flops

*The students will be required to wear the provided robe over their clothing for the entire Mass and pictures with the Bishop in the Church.