Faith Formation Registration

Thank you for making Faith Formation a priority for your family!


If you have any questions please email Meagan for more information and availability.

Before you register please be sure that you are familiar with the options that we are offering this year:

General Faith Formation Options:

Online: Self-guided online lessons with Catechist oversight or In Person: Monthly family gatherings with parent led lessons at home


First Communion Options:

Online Only: Catechist led weekly online class or In Person: Monthly family classes with parent led lessons at home


Confirmation Plan:

Delayed start date with monthly in person sessions and weekly online Catechist led small group sessions


When you fill out the forms please be sure to use the same "Family Name" for your entire family so that we know which kids go with which parents. 

After you register your family and your first student you will have the option to "Enroll another student" or "Complete my family's enrollment". This second option will redirect you to a payment page. If for some reason this does not work here is the direct link to this page.  

The payment form is set up as though you are attending an event and so the wording can be a little confusing. All you need to do is click on "Attend This Event" and then select "1" under # of people for your one family fee. This is a required fee for all families to register. Then you can select the number of students for First Holy Communion or High School Confirmation that you have. You then will be asked to list the students names that correlate to the fees. Please list the SAME FAMILY NAME first and then the individual students names after it.