First Holy Communion

Due to the circumstances our society currently finds itself, our 2020 First Holy Communion Mass has been postponed until August 22nd. We have notified all of our families of the date and time assigned to their class for their Mass. 

We will notify class participants and our Catholic School students by email when that decision has been made. If you are from All Saints or Rosarian Academy and have not contacted Meagan please do so as soon as possible at [email protected] 


“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Preparation for First Holy Communion at St Patrick's typically begins in the 1st Grade and concludes in May of the 2nd Grade after two academic years of preparation. If you or your child do not fit into this description please contact Miss Meagan to arrange their preparation. These Sacraments mark two very important steps a child’s faith journey. The Sacrament of Reconciliation gives us the opportunity to experience the great love and mercy of God by assuring us of the forgiveness of Jesus. In Holy Communion, Jesus Himself comes to us. He is present body, blood, soul and divinity under the appearance of bread and wine! In this great Sacrament we experience union with God and with our brothers and sisters more closely than anywhere else on earth.


Faith Formation Curriculum:

We are excited to be using Dynamic Catholic’s Blessed: First Reconciliation and First Communion preparation program. Every child deserves an unforgettable First Communion and First Reconciliation experience. Each class session brings the faith to life in a way no other sacramental prep program has ever done before and inspires children to be lifelong Catholics. For more information about First Reconciliation please click here


First Communion Rehearsal:
Friday August 21st
. We will meet in the Parish Hall for our First Holy Communion Rehearsal with all of the students from All Saints, Rosarian and St Pat's Faith Formation classes. Please be prompt so that we can keep the rehearsal to an hour.

First Communion Day:
First Communion Mass is on Saturday August 22nd  and all children making their communion must be here 45 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass. Mass will last about an hour and then you may stay for pictures with the profession photographer. In order to maintain reverence for the Sacrament, during the Mass everyone must remain in their seat and may not stand or walk to the front to take pictures.

Immediately following Mass we will have a professional photographer take a class picture and individual pictures if you desire. After Mass is finished he will be available on a first come first serve basis. The line will begin on the left side of the Church down the aisle next to the choir section. Please have everyone in line with you so that we can accommodate everyone in a timely manner. Order forms will be available on that day. Pictures will be posted on his website with in 24hrs and you will place your orders directly from him. If you use this order form he will give you a 15% discount.
Dress Code:
Please do not alter the dress code. It is to be followed as written.
  • White or Off White Dresses (should not be shorter than their knees)
  • NO Spaghetti Strap Dresses (Shoulders should be covered by either sleeves or a sweater)
  • White or Silver Shoes (NO Flip Flops)
  • NO corsages, gloves, or purses during the Mass. (please have a parent hold them during the Mass.)
  • Veils are optional.


  • Dress Pants (White or Black)
  • Dress Shoes (White or Black)
  • Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt with Collar (White or Black)
  • Jacket, Vest, and Tie are optional (White or Black)