Council of Catholic Women



St. Patrick Council of Catholic Women


Meetings: 2nd Monday of month in Parish Hall September – May at 7:00 pm

All women of the parish are eligible and invited to join CCW.


The St. Patrick Council of Catholic Women is a group of women involved in many programs which address issues such as the dignity of life, faith formation, vocations, domestic violence, women’s health, the protection of children, grief and bereavement, human trafficking, poverty and the plight of the homeless.  Since 1999 the St. Patrick Council of Catholic Women (commonly known as CCW) has served our parish and community embracing the goals set forth by the National Council of Catholic Women. 


2018-2019 Board:

Elected Officers:

            President:                    Mary Martire              

            Vice President:            Kathy Gibson             

            Treasurer:                    Mary Jane Wenth       

            Secretary:                    Christine Wood         


Commission Chairs:

            Spirituality:                 Pat Lodato and Betty Mullen                                     

            Leadership:                 Dorothy Harper          

            Legislative:                  Jerri Blaney                

            Service:                       Marilyn Cartwright and Eileen Esposito       

            Historian:                    Carol Policy               

            Past President:             Janet Richards            

            Spiritual Advisor:       Fr. John D’Mello        



Upcoming Events:


September 9, 2019                  Mass at 6:30 Chapel, First CCW Meeting

October 5 2019                       9:30 am Blessing of Animals:            

October 26 & 27, 2019           Council Sunday and Bake Sale

November 6, 2018                  Remembrance Tree Ceremony at

St. Vincent DePaul Seminary, Boynton Beach

December 5, 2019                   6:00 pm CCW Christmas Dinner at PGA National

January 18, 2020                     Casino Night - Fund raiser



Mission Statement:


The National Council of Catholic Women acts through its affiliated organizations to support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service.  NCCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.  St. Patrick Council of Catholic Women, as an affiliate of NCCW, affirms and embraces this mission.