Our Parish & Covid-19






Dear Parishioners,

Once again, we are bringing you up to speed on our Covid-19 Protocols for the month of September

  • Church capacity remains at 25% which is between 200 -250 people per Mass.


  • We are happy to report our attendance numbers are slowly coming back up, from 1,408 in July to 2059 in August.


  • This increase, while welcome, has brought with it a few issues we would like to address. We have capacity to accommodate more people, a monthly attendance of up to 3,200 to 4,000 people across the 4 weekend Masses. But in order to accommodate everyone safely we need you to help us and we remind you of the following:


  • Take your temperature before leaving home. If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick please stay home.


  • Masks are required at all times. Masks should cover the nose and the mouth


  • Sanitize your hands as you come into the church, hand sanitizers are provided by all the doors.


  • Ushers will help you to a seat, we are asking parishioners to move towards the center of the pew, while still keeping distance so people coming in can also sit.


  • In the event any Masses go beyond the 200-250 people limit, Ushers will seat people in the chapel, or we will consider having an overflow Mass to continue our safety protocols.


  • Please note when you come forward to receive communion you should wear the mask up to the point of receiving communion in your hands, then you can remove the mask put the host in your mouth, replace the mask over your mouth and walk back to your seat. Do not walk with communion in your hand to the back of the church, consume it before you start walking back to your seat.


  • Communion is still distributed only in the hand and the cup of Precious Blood is still suspended.


  • Please remain in your seats until the end of the recessional song before leaving the church.


  • We have an area for wheelchairs by the Divine Mercy side. Please if you have a wheelchair use that area, do not stay by the walls in the back of the church.


  • We ask parishioners to go back to their seats once the receive communion. DO NOT stand by the back wall as it is a violation of the social distancing rule. The people you see standing by the walls during the Mass are not just standing there, they are parish personnel – Mark Chiarello, Director of Operations, the security officer, Sr. Vivian and the Ushers. They are making sure the Mass flows smoothly and to respond to any possible incidents.



While we understand, respect, and support that people in the high-risk group are still not comfortable attending Mass, we want to assure those who are in the low risk group that the church space continues to be sanitized and the protocol of social distancing and mask protection continues to be enforced. Attending to Mass for one hour should not be any more dangerous than going shopping for essentials


As usual, we are extremely grateful for your financial support. We encourage you to continue sending your collection envelopes by mail, or signing up for WE SHARE online donation to your parish.  Please check the bulletin for the weekly offertory numbers.

Without your financial support we cannot continue to keep our church functioning.

We pray and hope we will be back to normal to our active and vibrant parish life.

Until then, let us continue to pray for one another.

Fr. Aidan and Staff