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"What Shall I Write" by Francesca Buck

The Poem "What Shall I Write" that Father read from Sunday's homily by one of our very talented 9th graders Francesca Buck

What Shall I Write?

By: Francesca D. Buck


I could've written a speech or a lecture.

I could've moved mountains,

but I decided to keep it much simpler.


I tried to find the answers. Piece the madness together.

Answer that question that no one can answer Why?


But as you can imagine I failed miserably

I was over my head and broken dreams was all I had left.


But in this time of fear and doubt, What shall I write?

In this time of confusion and chaos, What shall I write?

And in this time of isolation and separation, What shall 1 write?


Against all odds, I shall write this.

I shall write of the good, despite the bad.

I shall write of the light, for though it is small, it always outshines the dark.

I shall write of the hope, even when we feel there is none left. I shall write of the love,

for it is stronger than all fear. I shall write of the peace, even during the chaos.

I shall write of all these things that are unclear to see, unless you look with your heart.


For it is now in hopelessness, we can find hope.

It is now in the pain, we can heal and become new. It is now in sadness, we can find joy.


Right now as we are faced with tragedy, these things are not gone.

Humanity is not dead, it is striving, perhaps more alive than ever before.


That burning passion has not died or faded away.

It is still lighting a fire every single day.

Look in each person's eyes and see that it's always been there. It's true we are broken, but together we become whole.


Even though we are isolated, confused, lost, and afraid, the burning passion of humanity will never give up and will never go away.


It is these words I shall write and bury in the depths of my heart. For as I live each day,

I will try to remember that although we are separated, through these things,

we are forever connected, Never apart.


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