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St Patrick More Than You Ever wanted or Needed to know- 2

Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/16/20

It was probably in the summer months of the year 433, that Patrick and his companions landed at the mouth of the Vantry River close by Wicklow Head. The Druids were at once in arms against him. But Patrick was not disheartened. The intrepid missionary resolved to search out a more friendly territory in ... Read More »

St Patrick More Than You Ever wanted or Needed to know- 1

Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/13/20

(The saying goes “leave the best for last”. St. Patrick in the patron saint of our church and with him we close the tour of the parish gardens. The next 6 days we will reflect on different facets of our Patron Saint. Enjoy the history, culture, spirituality, and music of ... Read More »

Many Names of Mary Queen of Peace and Our Lady of Victory, Mother of the Fallen 2

Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/12/20

We placed the statute of Mary beside our Veteran’s Walkway of Remembrance for Mary has been consecrated as the Mother of Our Nation 

Our Lady as Patroness of the United States under her title of the Immaculate Conception  

Posted December 4, 2008 

 By Cardinal Justin Rigali 

We can ... Read More »

Many Names of Mary Queen of Peace and Our Lady of Victory, Mother of the Fallen 1

Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/11/20

Our Veterans Pathway falls under the Protection of The Blessed Mother, and lies in the shadow of the American Flag. These last five weeks I have kept the flag at half past in honor of the over 60,000 souls, in our nation, who have perished in this pandemic. We honor all who have died and those ... Read More »


Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/08/20


By Cheryl Hadley   


“The bigger the better” is the prevailing attitude in almost every aspect of our world today. Who actually aims low when they can aim high? The saying “Go big or go home” sounds so much more impressive than “Go ... Read More »


Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/07/20


Marie Martin, the oldest daughter of the family, joined her sister Pauline at the Lisieux Carmel in 1886. Leonie Martin entered the Visitation Convent at Caen the following year. Therese then sought permission from her father to join Marie and Pauline at the Lisieux ... Read More »


Posted by Nick Lanowich on 5/06/20


(St. Therese is among the most popular and well-known saints. While most of us already know her story, you are invited to read it again and reflect on how these times can be lived as our own Little Way. We will have Therese’s story spread ... Read More »

St. Francis and the San Damiano Cross Top of Form

Posted by Meagan Milstead on 4/30/20

St. Damiano Crucifix circa 1100

Taizé music has always had a special place in my heart. It was at a service that I first gazed upon the Cross that is linked to Francis of Assisi.

The detailing in the iconography tells the story of salvation

The Story of ... Read More »

Francis and Clare of Assisi

Posted by Meagan Milstead on 4/29/20


I picked this piece for the opening because while the music is so familiar.


The arrangements are so very different. So it is with Francis and Clare. He travelled thousands of miles preaching the Gospels, shaping world events. She took the interior journey of the cloistered life.

Both bound together not because of their home town of Assisi, but both bound together in the LOVE OF THE ... Read More »

A Song in Praise of God's Great and Glorious Creation

Posted by Meagan Milstead on 4/28/20

It's hard to separate Francis of Assisi and animals. Stories abound of how this great saint could communicate with animals and felt at one with all creation. Here are a few of the stories that were first recorded by Thomas of Celano during the 13th century.

The Story Behind This Icon

Anyone who has had a pet or been around animals understands that not only does every animal have its own unique personality and intelligence, but that animals can be very responsive to the human beings around them. In the lives of the Saints we find this responsiveness can be brought to unimaginable levels in the presence of holy people. And the stories of Saint Francis and the animals are the perfect and most beloved examples of this. It is no wonder that the Seraphic Friar is known as the patron saint of animals, birds, and the ... Read More »