Pastor's Corner


24th Sunday of Ordinary Time


Luke 15: 11-32

It is amazing how much a church deals with lost and found.  I am not talking about the small mountain of glasses, rosary beads, books, clothes and toys that we manage to accumulate after the weekend Masses.  No, the lost and found I am speaking of can be found in the Gospels.

A lamb, a coin, a son, these losses suffered is very different, but the outcome is the same.  What was lost was found.  There is cause for rejoicing.

That is why we CELEBRATE Mass.  We can find joy in the reality that each of us has been found through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The Prodigal Son is a story of God’s mercy, but in the second reading we see a real-life version of that story.  Paul was a killer.  He was a persecutor of Christians, zealous enough to put people to death who disagreed with him.  Killing in the name of god is a special kind of evil, and yet things changed for Paul.  Paul’s transformation can give us hope.

So, if we feel we are far from God, or know someone who is lost, we can assure them that God will meet us wherever we are.  No matter how we have sinned, we are never beyond the transformation that can make our lives whole.  Jesus died for sin, so that we don’t have to.

That reality is worth celebrating.  That’s why we gather on Sundays.  We have love and mercy to share and good news to report.  There are always opportunities to bring mercy to those who are lost.  Who will you help home this week?  Will we have the courage to admit just how easily lost we can become and who will you allow to guide you home this week?

In Christ,

Fr. Aidan