Ministry for the Sick and Homebound

sick pic

Mission:  Bringing the mercy and compassion of God, the Ministry for the Sick and Homebound is an outreach program of visitation for ill parishioners confined at home and/or in health care facilities in any stage of illness, whether temporary or chronic, acute or terminal.  Volunteers visit hospitals, assisted living and rehab facilities, private residences and hospice.

Trained volunteers come as friends offering comfort, support and a connection to the parish.  They offer a listening ear, spiritual presence, prayerful reflection and when requested, the Eucharist.

A visit can be arranged by calling the parish office during business hours – Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4 PM.

 For those interested in becoming a volunteer, training programs are conducted periodically.  Registration is necessary. The ministry welcomes persons male or female, 18 years of age and older with a willingness to serve others in special need.