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My Pentecost Person

There are two distinct versions of the Pentecost story.  One is very dramatic, tongues of fire, the whole Upper Room shaking and the disciples pouring out into the streets, speaking in a multitude of languages.

The second version is Jesus appearing in the Upper Room and He simply breathers upon them saying quite simply “Peace”. Of the two versions I prefer the latter.

I think of that when I think of Karen Stedman. Some of you know that she was lead Eucharistic Minister at the Sunday 9:30a.m. Mass. She was also head of the Finance Council. She was smart, kind, had a dry sense of humor and was, my mum would say “a fountain of common sense”. She was my first true friend at St. Patrick.

I came here from the hospital and in that very first week, I got pulled into the silly drama that sometimes goes with a parish. I didn’t know what to do and Karen appeared and quite simply brought into my office the “peace of the Risen Christ”. She gave me, as she gave her beloved family, strength. Even in her long battle with cancer, which she preferred to deal with privately, she still managed to have a faithful, deep calming presence that she shared gladly.

So, Karen is my Pentecost person. She embodied, faithful service and a deep abiding love. In gratitude, even as we mourn, we have donated on your behalf to a cancer related charity I would encourage others who miss Karen to do the same and remember her in your prayers.

May the peace of Pentecost, which Karen has fully received in the Risen Christ, be with us always.

Rest in Peace, first friend,


Fr. Aidan