Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner







John 10: 11

IV Sunday of Easter

Year B


There are job vacancies for drivers, cashiers; waiters and waitresses but not too man vacancies in the city for shepherds.  In today’s hi-tech world, the image of a shepherd seems remote and irrelevant.  However, we do need to be nourished, guided and protected.  We do need workers.

All work is empty save when done in love.

And what is to work with love?

It is to carry the mind and heart of the

Good Shepherd throughout our days.

If I break bread with indifference at

The altar, I am not in true communion.

Work done in love, love lived in service,

Reveals the ongoing presence of God.

God of compassion, may we never doubt your love. 

And may we never doubt that God needs us to shepherd His people in love.

Have a blessed Easter Season!

Fr. Aidan