Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

  • We are designed by God to always seek a deeper relationship with Him and become "Intentional Disciples."
  • Have you asked yourself; have you been asked "Why be Catholic and not just Christian?"  Here is the answer


  • You are always WELCOME at St. Patrick Parish! The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a journey in which to experience support, discovery, and fellowship.  LEARN MORE

R.C.I.A. classes begin in September. We meet each Thursday evening from 7-8:30pm. Our next session of classes will begin on September 27th, 2018







If interested, please email: Meagan Milstead  or call 626-8626.

  • The Diocese of Palm Beach offers a series of classes throughout the diocese; allowing you to update your knowledge and reinforce your faith. 

The School of Christian Formation for the Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida offers a series of classes and programs for adult Catholics who wish to learn more about the rich traditions of their faith. Classes provide introductions to the major topics and historical periods of the Catholic faith.

The goals of the School of Christian Formation are four-fold:

  1. To nourish and challenge Catholics with a deeper personal understanding of their faith tradition.
  2. To enable participants to bring this experience to their families, friends, places of work and ministry
  3. To explore the Catholic tradition from our local context as a diverse Church with members of different cultural backgrounds and with varying ministerial needs.
  4. To situate our experience of faith, Church and ministry in light of the teachings and documents of the Second Vatican Council.

The School of Christian Formation seeks to make its programming accessible to all persons in the diocese who are interested in learning more about their faith tradition. In matters regarding scheduling of times and locations, as well as the payment of fees, one of our primary goals is to meet the needs and limitations of participants in the program.

While the fee for each class is $10.00, plus the price of the textbook, persons who wish to participate in the program and are active in parish ministry may wish to seek financial support from their parish, or call our office to discuss the situation. No one will be turned down for lack of funds.

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